Refunds Policy

  1. We will process a refund if product is damaged / incorrect / not as described on website.
  2. We will process a refund when product is not delivered 14 days after date of payment – the refund will be inclusive of cost of delivery, provided the courier company confirms non-delivery.
  3. In the case of an order being Returned to Sender, we will refund product cost only, exclusive of delivery cost.
  4. When refunding, we do not consider charges incurred on m-pesa transactions. e. In case of damaged products, do not accept delivery from Courier Company. There will be no refund for claims of damaged products after acceptance from Courier Company.

Returns Policy

  1. Returned items will only be accepted if unused, in original packaging, with any enclosed documentation e.g. receipt of payment.
  2. When returned, we can exchange with another product.
  3. In case of return, ensure you use delivery service that insures your luggage. We will not accept responsibility if, for any reason, return is not delivered to us. 4. Customer bears cost of returning the product to us.

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